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What is black hair shampoo

Author : guangzhou keno Date : 2/3/2017 6:12:53 PM
 Guangzhou Keno Refinement Chemical Factory specialize in manufacturing Of all kinds ointment frost and cosmetic raw material,more than 10 years OEM experience familiar with a variety of industry,we have our own factory and many cooperate partners.OEM/ODM is we are here to tell more informations of black hair shampoo,so that you can learn more during your shopping.


"Black hair shampoo" is an upgrading of technological innovation products, this product eliminates the baking process of dyeing, achieve the effect by washing your hair.



In accordance with the "cosmetics hygiene supervision regulations," the provisions of the cosmetics are divided into ordinary cosmetics and special cosmetics. Among them, special types of cosmetics include: hair growth, hair dye, hair perm, hair removal, bodybuilding, breast care, deodorant, freckle, sunscreen and other 9 categories. With the function of hair products, must be issued by the Ministry of Health issued a special purpose cosmetics production license to production and sales, or do not have qualified to enter the market of substandard products.

According to the relevant provisions of such a special function with hair color cosmetics, the composition of "p-phenylenediamine" is a restricted substance, the content shall not exceed 6%, and "m-phenylenediamine" forbidden substances. At present, the international has been clear, "m-phenylenediamine" is a "three-induced" substances, can cause mutagenicity, carcinogenic effects and teratogenic effects of the material. CCTV is exposed by the five "a wash black", the addition is disabled "m-phenylenediamine."

It is reported that the Autonomous Region Health Authority is the recent "black hair shampoo" of similar products to rectify, thorough investigation of substandard products to ensure that the market for the sale of cosmetics health and safety, protect the health of consumers. Consumers in the purchase of these products, depending on the products of these businesses can provide "three licenses", that is, the production of cosmetics hygiene permits, industrial and commercial business license, the Ministry of Health issued a special purpose cosmetics related approval documents. At the same time, try to buy big brands of shampoo, hair dye supplies.



1. Operation as usual as simple as shampoo, in addition to the scalp outside the product is easy to direct contact with local skin, apply any kind of cream skin care products, wear gloves, wet hair with both hands;

2. Use a towel to wipe the water, the "black hair shampoo" I / II 1: 1 ratio squeeze into the hands of full mixing, long hair to use more, shorter hair can be less (initial users to usually shampoo Of about twice);

3. Repeated rubbing on the hair, you must let the "black hair shampoo" dip the root of each hair, especially the temples, adhere to 7-10 minutes to dry the basic foam, then you can wash;

4. Hair cleaning, take the right amount of traditional Chinese medicine hair cream gently wipe the scalp, massage the scalp 2-3 minutes to absorb.

5. Initial users, once a week to adhere to 4 weeks, then every 2 weeks to adhere to 2 times a wash, and finally adhere to once a month, the best.



1. The use must pay attention to the I / II product fully mixed evenly, can enhance the hair color effect, but also eliminate the product irritation; 2. scalp serious allergies, the injured, red pox, etc. need to do allergy testing, such as No adverse reactions before using this product. Pregnant women, scalp allergies with caution;

3. Can not use a single bottle, such as color slightly black, does not affect the use of results. If the local hair color is not good, the next shampoo should pay attention to rub the white hair parts;

4. Containing active substances, not direct sunlight, to avoid light preservation, away from children.

At present, the Food and Drug Administration is the only one with the special production license of cosmetics, Wei Cosmetics (2008) No. 0430


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