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Skincerity nightly breathable masque

Author : guangzhou keno cosmetic co.,ltd. Date : 3/16/2015 4:31:03 AM
  When start using Skincerity, should daub at bedtime every night. In order to quickly repair your skin, you need to use at least two weeks.

Applying and removing

At bedtime, first clean the skin and in need of repair parts with a thin layer of Skincerity (don't rub). Skincerity dry in a few seconds, then you will have a fresh feeling. Can remove Skincerity until the next morning. In the morning, use warm water to remove residual frost membrane, or use wet cream cleanser, and the methods to remove make-up remover to massage. Also can use discharge makeup cloth to remove the remaining cream membrane.

Dry or dehydrated skin

If at first it is difficult to remove some parts of the Skincerity, please fill at night before applying Skincerity coated with a little wet cream. If feel more relaxed after removing cream membrane, skin moisture content was restored at the same time, please stop using the above method

Tingling and smell

Skincerity will be deeply clean after contact with skin. For the first time use, the user will have tingling, sometimes accompanied by pungent smell. After cleaning, the smell and tingling will disappear in 2 to 5 seconds.

Skincerity is applicable to all types of skin, face, elbows, neck, chest, hands and feet are always used, but avoid contact with eyes.