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Product name : whitening sunblock lotion
Item : sunblock01
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1, smear parts
Apply sunscreen, do not ignore the neck, chin, ears and other parts, so as to avoid uneven skin tone. [4]

2, cleaning products
Every night, be sure to completely remove the sunscreen products clean, so do not take sunscreen rest and sleep.
3, the amount should be sufficient
Sunscreen is not coated on the effective, but to achieve a certain amount to play an effect, usually sunscreen applied amount of 2 mg per square centimeter, in order to achieve the desired effect of sunscreen. Need to pay attention, SPF value can not be accumulated, coated with two layers of SPF10 sunscreen, are only a layer of SPF10 protection.
4, do not mix and match different brands of sunscreen
Mixing can increase the likelihood of skin irritation. Different brands of sunscreen ingredients are inconsistent, if mixed, overlapping on the skin, may cause mutual interference or mutual exclusion, reduced sun protection, and even cause skin allergies.
5, pay attention to preservation
If prolonged heat or direct sunlight, sunscreen effect may be reduced. Do not use deteriorated sunscreen cosmetics, because it not only sunscreen effect decreased, but also more likely to stimulate the skin.
6, pay attention to sunscreen dead ends
Smear ordinary sunscreen, eye lips skin also need attention. However, if not stated, or use sunscreen products for the eye, do not arbitrarily used for eye skin. 
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