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Product name : BB cream
Item : 20131024133845
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 B.B cream is short for Blemish Balm
This thing is actually used in the cosmetic medicine,
Said simply, is "scar care cream"
Original research is to provide people to use laser therapy,
Most people will appear after laser stripping or peeling of the state,
Thus, after painting, make skin regeneration, not only modification scars, more maintenance functions ......
Of course, this is the early development of the spirit
Later, after the introduction of South Korea's dermatology, resulting in a very high degree of inquiry,
Therefore, further research on Korea is more suitable for Asian skin using BB cream,
This also makes BB cream in Korea caused quite a stir!
BB cream along with a make up base, cream foundation and skin care products features,
Indeed help skin rebirth "multi-functional full effect blemish balm."
Not only the maintenance of components, you can also use it as Cream, day cream, night cream to use!
Its pure botanical ingredients give the skin a multiple nutritional protection, more will not hurt the sensitive skin

Guangzhou Keno Refinement Chemical Factory specialize in manufacturing Of all kinds ointment frost and cosmetic raw material,more than 10 years OEM experience familiar with a variety of industry,we have our own factory and many cooperate partners.OEM/ODM is welcomed.


Guangzhou Keno Refinement Chemical Factory always try to open up more markets of skin care as it is more and more popular in the world.all customers just wondering that which factory can be more suitable for producing of skin care?which factory can manufacture skin care with good quality and reasonable price?which factory can finish the order of skin care on time?which factory can be very serious with the feedback from customers?which factory can truely support customers to open up more markets of skin care?which factory can fully take care every production of skin care even though you already work with each other many times?



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